NOTE: Magic and games packages are best suited to venues with plenty of space, and easy access, such as community centres, village halls, etc. Not suitable for home parties or small pub venues. Good parking is also needed to allow easy setting up/taking down.    



Click on the title of the package you're interested in below for loads more info!


Deano's Wacky 1 Hour Party Package! 

 (4 - 8 year-olds)

 Tumbletots Birthday Party Package!

  (4-8 year-olds) 

Trailblazer Birthday Party Package!

   (4-8 year-olds)

Allstar Games and Disco party!

  (5-9 year-olds)

Face painting and Balloon Twisting package! 

                                                        (3-300 year-olds!)


We also do Christmas and school/nursery packages too! For more info on these check out the links on the home page.